Property “Orizontes” – Available for sale

A promising property named “Orizontes” is available for sale in Vigklafia, just opposite Elafonisos island. A property with a unique and privileged location of a area over ​​15 acres.

Property’s name also reveals its dynamics. Its unique location is such that it allows the visitor to have a view of Elafonisos, Vatika all the way to Agios Nikolaos and Kavomalia, as well as the glorious Mani and the Laconian Gulf.

It is very close to the sea, close to the small harbor leading to Elafonisos. Next to the property is the famous beach of Pounta and in a very short distance is the, internationally recognized and unique, oldest submerged  town of Pavlopetri.

Contact info:

Mr. Georgios Georgoudis
0030 – 6932324710
0030 – 2734 047947

Property configuration & Layout

The property consists of two main sections. The restaurant area and the olive grove.

At the entrance of the property there is a beautiful landscaped parking area. In front of the restaurant there are two elevated levels of different height with amphitheatrical layout that allow unobstructed view for the visitor towards the sea and Elafonisos. On the second level is the restaurant with a indoor space of 250 sq.m. The outdoor is ideal for social events with big capacity in a beautiful landscaped layout including a bar, an elevated department for honors people, a place for young children and many others.

After the restaurant there is a free space suitable for parking and the unique for its lineage young olive grove of more than 300 trees.

Property “Orizontes”

The property offers direct access to the sea and the beach of Pounta. The facade  is just 50 meters from the sea, close to the small harbor where the ferries go to Elafonisos.

On the front of the property there is a beautiful landscaped parking space and a linear path leading to the restaurant. On the northern side of the property there is a road that leads to the interior of the property.

Restaurant Areas

The restaurant of “Orizontes” property occupies an area of 2.5 acres. It is divided into two elevated levels of different height of amphitheatrical arrangement that allow the visitor to enjoy the serene view of the sea and Elafonisos. Total outdoor area reaches two acres and its dynamics caters for 800 people. The restaurant has a covered room of 250 m². with a capacity of 250 people and a fully equipped kitchen.

In the restaurant area and in particular at the first level there is a bar overlooking Elafonisos.

Several social events have taken place in Orizontes. The idyllic space with the view of Elafonisos is the first choice for those who want to make their wedding table or the baptism of their child in Elafonisos and Vatika!

The view!

Orizontes property is in a unique and privileged position. Next to the sea, right across from Elafonisos, it allows views in many directions. From the property you can view and admire Elafonisos, Vatika, Kavomalia and the Laconian Gulf with Mani.

The olive grove!

Within the property there is a young olive grove in an area of about 10 acres. The impressive olive grove counts about 300 trees in a strict linear layout and is supplied with water from the drilling inside the property.