Tradition & Events

Elafonisos, despite being a small island, has many local traditions with many years of history. The intense island color and its culture could not differ much from the other islands of the Cyclades and the Ionian Islands but also of its neighbor Lakonia. The influence on the island by its conquerors, the Franks, the Saracens, the Venetians and the people who settled in it from the surrounding areas, Mani, Kythira and Vatika, is shown, apart from the names, the customs and the events of the island.
The scent of an authentic island and local culture still exists today in the customs of local culture and is reflected in the multitude of local events that the visitor should not miss. Some of the most important are:

Feast of Saint Spyridon, patron saint of Elafonisos

December 12th

Elafonisos honors patron saint and protector of the island, Aghios Spyridon, to the Holy Temple of Saint, at the port of the island.

Three-day celebrations – Anniversaries of July 6 & Inauguration of the Holy Temple of Ag. Spyridon

6-9 July

Elafonisos honors each year the anniversary of its liberation on July 6, 1850, with the historical and substantial contribution of the Maniatans to it. The three-day event is until July 9 when the Elafonisos celebrates the religious anniversary of the inauguration of the Holy Temple of Ag. Spyridon. Throughout the three days a number of events take place such as the Festival of Traditional Dances with dance groups from Greece and abroad, which started in 2016.

Fisherman’s Day

Last 10 days of August

A significant event for the history and culture of Elafonisos is the feast of fishermen that takes place in the last 10 days of August. The Fishermen Club organizes this event that includes island and local dances from dance groups, live music and plenty of food and fish in honor of the visitors of Elafonisos and wishes for calm seas. The events are often accompanied by presentations and projections of the folklore and nautical history of the island.