The rich cultural history of Elafonisos, its central position for the route of ships on the Eastern Mediterranean and the natural and archaeological richness make the island one of the most important places to visit. With its large number of unique beaches with crystal clear blue waters, which is hard to find in such a small area, it is a unique destination. At the same time, its unique flora, with the protected Kedros tree, the numerous temples of the wider region, Byzantine and younger, its gastronomy with emphasis on seafood and its mild climate convince the most demanding visitor for its choice.

Elafonisos, an island to enjoy the sea and the sun

The beaches and the sea of ​​Elafonisos make it an ideal destination for authentic and alternative holidays in Greece, almost all year round. Its enchanting scenery with its own colors and aromas, with its own beauties and contrasts, offer a unique and unforgettable experience to the visitors. The hospitality infrastructure meets the necessary but also the most demanding standards of every visitor, while the food you find on the island is based on local gastronomy for the most demanding and extends to the more traditional Greek, and not only, cuisine.


Elafonisos, Lakonia, Peloponnese

Population: 1041 (census 2011)

Area: 19.9

Website of the Municipality:

Climate Data

Average Year’s Temperature : 18.7 °C
Average Summer’s Temperature : 26.6 °C
Average Wind Speed: 11.7 km/h