Pounta & Pavlopetri

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The beaches of Pounta and Pavlopetri are located directly opposite Elafonisos and next to the village of Viglafia. These beautiful beaches provide intense thrills to the visitor. They are two of the most beautiful and will remain unforgettable.

Here you will find golden sand, green waters, magificent view of Elafonisos island, a wetland, Stroggyli Lake, and the ancient submerged city of Pavlopetri, about 5 millenniums old! Swim in their golden waters, climb the dunes behind them, relax under the unique Kedros trees, visit the small wetland and walk to the canal that connects the lake with the sea, next to the ancient cemetery, which seems to be a 5000 year old road.

Right next to the small harbor that leaves the boat for Elafonisos begins the beach of Pounta and from there starts a small road leading to the inside area, near the beach of Pavlopetri, the archaeological site and the lake. Near the beaches and at Vigklafia village you will find taverns and rooms for rent.


  • Easy access
  • Fine sand
  • Southeast orientation
  • Family friendly
  • Water sports friendly


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